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Get clarity & work confidently on modern data stacks. 

A 2-hour online course sharing the concepts, strategies & tools teams are using to build modern data workflows so you can:

  1. Understand the current data landscape
  2. Design your own data architecture
  3. Roadmap your learning path


Watch a preview of the course intro to learn more about what's inside.

Get Instant Access for $150

What's Covered?

In this no-fluff 2 hour course, we'll cover concepts, strategies & tools you need to be familiar with as a data engineer or data team leader in 2023 (and beyond). We'll cover this in 3 steps:

Step 1 - Strategy

Clarify the Approach

First, see the bigger picture by understanding high-level strategies. You'll learn common workflow designs, data modeling approaches and ways of collaborating so you can confidently work within any modern architecture.

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Step 2 - Components & Tools

Build the Stack

With our foundations set, next we'll dive into the tools, skills & languages of "modern" engineering. We'll review the "10 Key MDS Components" so you can easily categorize any data tool and start putting the pieces together.

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Step 3 - Plan

Set a Roadmap

Now you'll be ready to combine your knowledge of the modern data stack with goals of your individual career or team. I'll share a "Learning Roadmap Guide" and "Data Platform Considerations" to help you move forward with intention. 

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Bonus - Additional Resources

15 Templates, Guides & Worksheets

As a student, you also get 15 downloadable resources to add more clarity on topics, expedite your process and help you long you after you finish the course. You are welcome to copy & adjust any of them to fit your needs.

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Feedback from some of my clients

The topics covered in the course are not just theory, but things I've actually implemented at businesses of all sizes.

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Get Instant Access for $150