Master The Art of Building Modern Data Pipelines

Accelerate Your Career as a Data Engineer

Gain clarity, build confidence & invest in your data career without needing to learn every tool or work at a big tech company.


What You're Getting:

  • 6 in-depth modules (Design, Setup, Build, Automate, Maintain, Migrate)
  • 87 video training lessons 
  • Hands-on experience with modern tools (Airbyte, Fivetran, dbt, PostgreSQL, Snowflake, GitHub, Metabase, Tableau & Docker)
  • Bonus: Access to private data sources (PostgreSQL & GSheets)
  • Bonus: Workflow Automation Scripts (x3)
  • Bonus: Data Architecture Handbook
  • Bonus: Architecture Design Templates
  • Bonus: The "Simple Stack" Checklist 


A Reminder of What's Covered:

We'll cover key topics data engineers & team leaders need to understand such as:

  • How to think strategically about designing an end-to-end architecture that's simple & easy to follow
  • How to create a foundational data model (facts & dimensions) so you can build pipelines with a clear strategy
  • How to properly set database roles & permissions so you stay in control of user access
  • How to automate testing & deployments so you can spend more time on development
  • Best practices & tips from 10 years as a developer, consultant & educator so you avoid common mistakes


Learn & apply this information so you can:

  • Feel less pressure to learn every tool or skill
  • Become the go-to person on your team & have teammates wondering how you know so much
  • Be able to outline any architecture in a few minutes
  • Complete tasks much faster than others (smarter, not harder)
  • Identify design optimization opportunities & propose solutions
  • Build your own stack from scratch


Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee

If for any reason you complete the course and are unsatisfied with the results, you can request a refund & get 100% of your money back.

No questions asked.

See you inside!


Client Testimonials:

Mike was fantastic to work with! He came into our project with an open mind and got up to speed immediately. His communication is on point and his understanding of the modern data landscape was apparent throughout. In no time, he was integrated into our team, offering suggestions and solutions while remaining open to feedback from our team. His work was well documented and fully transparent. Honestly, it felt like he was a full-time member of our data engineering team. There was no extra work to manage as he was fully integrated and productive. Thanks Mike!

Adrian - MUD\WTR

Mike is an incredible resource. He has genuine domain expertise in several critical data ecosystems, so there is never a one-size-fits-all approach. For instance, in a recent project, we started in one platform at my request and we quickly switched to a different, far more suitable platform. This was possible because Mike has expertise in both platforms, among many others. My problems are never straightforward and almost always require creativity, broad and deep technical knowledge, and a lot of grit and patience. Mike has all of these in abundance. Most importantly, he can translate this expertise into both natural teaching moments and problem-solving sessions. It's sort of like having a world class co-pilot by your side, helping you to achieve your objectives and to learn along the way. Finally, as his videos suggest, he is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Rick Scanlon - Venture Capitalist

Our company had a fantastic experience with Mike. He is knowledgable, efficient, a great communicator, and a whole host of other attributes you want when working with a data architect / advisor... but most importantly, he helped us think through the longer trajectory of our data 'journey' which allowed us to structure things in a way that prepare us for what is to come. It's easy to listen to a client's 'punch list' and just execute on exactly what they tell you they want done... but it's a step above to ideate, effectively communicate a more fulsome vision, and really work with someone to help them build strategically for the future. And that's exactly what we got with Kahan Data Solutions.

Jacob Aldis - Elevate Dental Partners

Running a small business, my time and attention is spread very thin. When the stars align and I have the mental clarity + time to sit down and dive into data, there's nothing worse than having to spend hours consolidating and organizing it before I can even begin to ask it questions. I’ll do it later! Mike worked with me over a couple causal zoom calls and loom videos to understand our needs as well as my concerns and fears. He proposed and delivered a cost-effective solution that solved our data readiness issues but even more importantly, what he handed off to us was something that we could build upon. Mike provided us with thorough documentation, style guides, and best practices specific to our solution to give any competent developer clarity on how to work within our project. He even built it out in our Notion! If you've ever had a developer disappear on you, you know how huge this is. Mike just gets it. Working with him was one of the most seamless experiences I’ve had in a long time. I can’t recommend him enough!

Jason Wieland - ILNP

Michael has been instrumental in helping us build out a methodical approach for transforming, organizing, and maintaining our data. He is a great communicator, professional, and timely. I'm confident that the foundation that he has created for us, along with the fantastic documentation, will net us outstanding results in the reporting and analyzing of our data.

David Arnold - Frontera Textile

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See real-life examples of how I apply the Simple Stack approach. 

Get access to behind the scenes of how I have been applying the idea of a Simple Stack with prospective clients.


This includes 3 real-life Architecture Design & Analysis videos where you'll see how I:

- Break down existing client architectures

- Provide options for modernizing it (simple stacks)

- Outline the steps for implementing it


I'll also be adding bonus commentary about the context of the proposal, whether or not it was implemented & the results.

Come learn more about how this strategy is being applied so you can feel more confident in how to use the content of the course.