$497.00 USD

The Playbook for dbt™

Master dbt™ The Right Way: Build, Automate & Scale w/ Proven Best Practices

Learn step-by-step how to properly build dbt projects from scratch so you're ready to contribute to any project - with confidence.

After taking this course you will...

  • Start thinking like an analytics engineer
  • Feel confident working on any dbt project
  • Save time & catch errors with automation
  • Have a playbook to build future dbt projects

What you'll learn:

  • The differences between dbt and legacy tools
  • Steps for building scalable projects based on best practices, every time.
  • How to use the key components, settings and features of dbt 
  • How to automate your development process with code review templates and trigger-based workflows
  • How to confidently use either dbt Cloud or dbt Core

Plus receive downloadable Templates & Guides:

  • Build any project from scratch with a step-by-step checklist
  • Describe and review code changes faster with PR templates
  • Quickly add automation with pre-built GitHub workflow files


If for any reason this course does not live up to your expectations, you can request a refund and get 100% of your money back. No questions asked.


What People Are Saying:

This is an incredibly clean, well paced, and practical walkthrough of all of the key areas to get going with dbt. I did this course having already worked with dbt core for over 2 years and chose to do it to identify my blind spots - which there were many! It was really enlightening to see the various options for how to achieve CI/CD, and to have a hand on chance with some of these tools that complement dbt such as prefect. I hope you go onto create more courses, and I will certainly recommend this to all my clients and colleagues.


Context: I've taken the free dbt training on their site, and also have taken one on Udemy. Both courses were very good. Review: Unlike those above, Mike's course is truly a Playbook. This course covers best-practice workflows for setting up dbt CLI in VSCode and connecting your project with Github (version control & actions + CI testing). The downloadable templates and step-by-step content allows this course to be immediately applicable while 'on-the-job'. Mike also does a great job of walking through the associated concepts surrounding the dbt viewpoint and the DRY principal of development. Collectively, this is the best dbt CLI + Git course I've taken, and at 7+ hours (Took me ~4 days to complete) it was worth the time & money spent. Great work on this Mike!

AJ Doyle

The dbt playbook course is, no doubt, the best dbt course that I've tried. The fundamentals are well summarized and presented by the instructor, and if you want more, there are always the source links for further information. Plus, the hands-on activities are also well planned to apply the learned concepts.

Pedro Oliveira

Great dbt course with added value to anyone that would like to work in data as a data engineer. Solid development best practices covered. Love it!

Og Ramos