The Starter Guide for the Modern Data Stack

Get clarity on

the Modern Data Stack. 


What's included:

  • The Starter Guide PDF to visualize a modern data platform & common tools/languages within them
  • 5 Lessons on Modern Data to help you feel less overwhelm & more focus working on modern data teams.

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Here’s what we’re going to cover in The 5 Lessons:


Lesson 1: See the Big Picture 

It's easy to feel pulled in different directions by all of the tools and concepts. You’ll learn how to keep things in perspective by focusing on what I call The 3 Pillars of Engineering. 

Lesson 2: Know the Difference

As a data engineer, it's important to understand what's meant by the term "modern data stack". You’ll learn the 3 biggest differences to look for when comparing a "traditional" vs “modern” stack in areas like tool selection, hosting & user friendliness. 

Lesson 3: Modernize Your Workflow

Data teams today operate like software engineering teams and treat data more like a product than ever before. You’ll learn about the concept of “Dataops” and how modern teams are applying it to the areas of automation, integration & collaboration. 

Lesson 4: Components Over Tools

Before picking specific tools, you first need to understand where it fits and the problems it solves. You’ll learn The 10 Key MDS Components to help you easily categorize any tool and decide if it you truly need it before dedicating any time to it. 

Lesson 5: Seek Clarity, Not Complexity

Data engineering is hard. But the most exceptional engineers aren't always the ones with the most complex solutions. You’ll learn how having clarity can instead be what separates you from the pack in an industry full of noise.

And here’s what's covered in The PDF:

Why a "Modern" Stack?

Understand where this came from and the good vs bad consequences.

High-Level Concepts

Identify general architecture topics and languages to learn more about.

Tools to Know

Learn about specific tools and platforms commonly used in the modern stack.