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Empower your small business with a modern data architecture.

Transform scattered and messy data into clean analytics & smarter decisions.

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Recent Projects

Check out recent implementations & high-level designs as shown in their New Architecture Handbook's.

Retail E-Commerce Company Adds More Structure & Reveals Most Profitable Products

Managing multiple online stores is challenging and having good insights is crucial to keeping it under control.

That's why the lone IT leader tried building a new central database on his own.

But it lacked a formal structure and was missing a clear strategy.

So we worked together to pick the right tools, established a complete workflow & automated the whole process.

Now, they have a well-designed architecture and a more robust reporting suite that's helped them identify the top performing stores & products.

Healthcare Services Company Consolidates Data & Eliminates Manual Steps

Providing admin support for 8 unique dental practices results in a lot of repeat tasks.

Especially when it requires logging into separate systems and manually extracting results to see the full picture. 

But now with a new process using modern tools, they automatically extract all of their isolated data each day and store it in a central cloud database.

Not only has this freed up significant time, but has opened up new possibilities for analytics and better service for their customers.

Cosmetics Brand Replaces Pre-Built Dashboards & Unlocks Deeper Insights

Many pre-built SaaS analytics tools make it easy to connect to common platforms & generate simple dashboards.

It's great for getting started but quickly becomes limited as you want to dive deeper or add customization.

This CEO not only wanted more customization for this particular brand, but saw an opportunity for scaling the process into new ones using data.

So we implemented a new, fully-owned architecture that replaced the pre-built tools & unlocked more advanced ways to analyze the business.

They've even updated their manufacturing process to capture more data knowing it will flow through to reporting.

No data team? No problem.

Here's what to expect:

  1. First, we'll design a plan together and ensure it aligns with your goals, skillsets & budget.
  2. Then, all implementation work is handled on your behalf while you focus on normal tasks.
  3. Finally, walk away with a fully automated, documented & scalable data platform ready to propel your business.

Plus, get 3-months of built-in warranty support and a New Architecture Handbook to ensure a smooth transition & long-term success.

Experienced engineering with a personalized touch.

If you want a corporate-style consultant, you're in the wrong place.

Unlike big consulting firms, you'll get a much more personalized & efficient experience.

You'll be added to a private Slack channel where you'll get continuous updates, be able to ask questions & stay involved every step of the way.

And avoid unnecessary meetings by instead receiving screen recordings & demos that you can review at your convenience.

Reviews from previous clients


Jason W.

CEO, ILNP Cosmetics

Running a small business, my time and attention is spread very thin. When the stars align and I have the mental clarity + time to sit down and dive into data, there's nothing worse than having to spend hours consolidating and organizing it before I can even begin to ask it questions. I’ll do it later!

Mike worked with me over a couple causal zoom calls and loom videos to understand our needs as well as my concerns and fears. He proposed and delivered a cost-effective solution that solved our data readiness issues but even more importantly, what he handed off to us was something that we could build upon.

Mike provided us with thorough documentation, style guides, and best practices specific to our solution to give any competent developer clarity on how to work within our project. He even built it out in our Notion!

If you've ever had a developer disappear on you, you know how huge this is. Mike just gets it. Working with him was one of the most seamless experiences I’ve had in a long time. I can’t recommend him enough!

Adrian U.

Dir. Engineering, MUD/WTR

Mike was fantastic to work with! He came into our project with an open mind and got up to speed immediately. His communication is on point and his understanding of the modern data landscape was apparent throughout.

In no time, he was integrated into our team, offering suggestions and solutions while remaining open to feedback from our team. His work was well documented and fully transparent.

Honestly, it felt like he was a full-time member of our data engineering team. There was no extra work to manage as he was fully integrated and productive. Thanks Mike!

Rick S.

Venture Capitalist

Mike is an incredible resource. He has genuine domain expertise in several critical data ecosystems, so there is never a one-size-fits-all approach.

For instance, in a recent project, we started in one platform at my request and we quickly switched to a different, far more suitable platform. This was possible because Mike has expertise in both platforms, among many others. My problems are never straightforward and almost always require creativity, broad and deep technical knowledge, and a lot of grit and patience. Mike has all of these in abundance.

Most importantly, he can translate this expertise into both natural teaching moments and problem-solving sessions. It's sort of like having a world class co-pilot by your side, helping you to achieve your objectives and to learn along the way. Finally, as his videos suggest, he is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Who Am I?

My name is Michael Kahan and I'm the Owner & Solution Architect at Kahan Data Solutions.

I build modern data architectures for small businesses so they can:

  1. Better understand their daily operations
  2. Identify opportunities and/or vulnerabilities
  3. Make smarter, more efficient decisions that grow the business

You can also find me on YouTube (25K+ subs, 2.6M+ views) sharing data engineering tutorials & best practices.

Focused on Small Business

After 8+ years at Fortune 100s & start-ups, I noticed many small businesses struggling to keep up with data trends.

Not for lack of awareness, but rather a lack of expertise and/or time to implement an architecture on their own.

Most data work is often handled by one person and big consulting companies won't even consider the project.

So I started a company focused on helping these companies overcome this hurdle & finally unlock their data.

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