I help small businesses design, build & automate their data architecture 

Use best practices, unlock more insights & be more scalable by turning messy data into a reliable company asset.

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Hi, I'm Mike

About Me

As a data engineer & consultant, I help businesses modernize their data architectures so they can gain insights, make better decisions and scale their operations.

But like many others in tech, my career didn't begin this way.

I went to school for business and spent the first few years in an operations role.

But curiosity led me to the world of development where I spent many hours learning on the side until it became a full-time job in 2015.

Then, after years of honing skills at both large companies & startups, it became clear that many other companies out there also had goals of upgrading their data architectures.

But the data landscape changed quickly and they needed help.

So in 2021, I decided to form my own company, Kahan Data Solutions LLC to help companies directly.

Now I work full-time as an independent consultant with a focus on helping small data teams modernize their data architectures.

Outside of consulting, I also create online content in the form of YouTube videos & courses to help other data professionals learn & implement modern architectures.

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