#040: 3 Ways to Deploy Data Projects

May 10, 2023

It's one thing to write code, it's another to plan and strategize your deployment approach.  

And over the years I've worked on a handful of different teams where the strategies have been different.

Sometimes this is due to personal preference of the team lead.

Other times it was mainly based around the technology.

For example, the strategy you'll use on Postgres is likely different than, say, Snowflake.


So in this week's video, I've compiled three of the most common approaches that I've seen in my career.

The goal is to help you understand common strategies teams are taking and find ways to add your own spin on it.


As a heads up, this video will be based off of a dbt (data-build-tool) project, which is a popular data transformation tool.  

But, these approaches & concepts can work regardless of tool selection. 




What will you learn? 

  • 3 ways to deploy a database project
  • Example naming conventions
  • Example db/schema layouts



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