#061: How to Build Incremental Models w/ dbt

Apr 17, 2024

You don't need to process every record in a table, every time.

Fortunately, dbt has a great solution for this scenario with their "incremental" materialization option.

When setup properly, they can help you significantly cut costs & processing time.

This is because incremental models only process new data vs rebuilding an entire table (the default setting).


But setting up incremental models isn't always straight forward.

It requires a few steps, an understanding of underlying functionality and some customization.

All that to say, I've noticed this process trips people up and therefore they put off implementing it.


So in today's video I'd like to help you out by covering:

  • What incremental models in dbt are all about 
  • Step by step how to build one
  • The process to add/update new data

What will you learn? 

  • The purpose & functionality of Incremental models in dbt
  • How to use the is_incremental() macro
  • How to leverage different incremental strategies 



PS - Notice how this video uses very simple data as an example. Just a friendly reminder that you don't need complex or big data to practice and learn effectively.

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