#030: Slow down to speed up

Jan 28, 2023

Data teams usually don’t lack technical skills.

And most problems can be solved w/ good online searching.

The bigger issue is often (dis)organization & (in)consistency.

Adding a shiny new tool won’t fix that problem.


Instead, take time to discuss standards as a team & hold each other accountable.

Be open to compromise & keep your ego in check.

Remember, nobody else is coming to save you.

Sometimes you need to slow down to speed up.



New & interesting

It’s hard enough to keep up with our own lives, let alone the data world.

So here are 4 links to help you stay on top of your game:


My recent videos:

  1. Stand Out as a Data Engineer w/ Free Tools - Stand out more than just your resume by creating a simple portfolio site with free tools & no-code tech.
  2. Data Modeling Tutorial: Star Schema (aka Kimball Approach) - Learn the basics of the most common data modeling approach you’ll see as a data engineer.


Other interesting finds:

  1. dbt Package (dbt_project_evaluator) - A helpful new dbt package you can add to your project to improve data quality and make sure you're adhering to standards.
  2. Starting a Consulting Company (Seattle Data Guy) - An excellent run-down of starting an independent contracting business covering topics such as getting started, client acquisition & implementations.


Hope you have a great rest of your weekend!




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