#039: The Importance of Virtual Environments

Apr 26, 2023

Many modern data tools are code-based & built around Python.

And while you don't have to be a python wizard, it does mean is you need to get comfortable building & maintaining python style projects.

One critical best practice to understand is using virtual environments.

Not only will understanding this help you build sustainable projects, but might help you out on an interview.


For example, I once had a case-study interview assignment that required me to build a custom python script.

While the script worked, one of the first questions I was pressed about was virtual environments.

Mainly because... I didn't use one.

This was a completely foreign concept to me at the time so the thought never crossed my mind.


Fortunately, I still got the job but now I never forget to start any Python project with a virtual environment.


Hopefully this video will clear up unknowns you might have about this concept.

Or at the very least get you exposed to this important part of modern engineering with Python.




What will you learn? 

  • What virtual environments are
  • Why they're important as data engineers
  • How you can create to share w/ your team



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