#032: Your knowledge is more valuable than ever

Feb 11, 2023

I don’t suggest writing SQL without seeing a database.

And I don’t suggest going independent without having a plan.

The appeal of “no boss” means the reality of “it’s all on you”.

But the more prepared you are, the more confident you’ll be.


Account for days off & assume inconsistent income.

Understand taxes, talk to an accountant & plan for insurance.

But if you have the itch, there’s never been a better time.

Data engineering is complex & the knowledge in your brain is more valuable than ever.



New & interesting

It’s hard enough to keep up with our own lives, let alone the data world.

So here are 4 links to help you stay on top of your game:

My recent videos:

  1. The Hidden Cost of Open Source - Be careful not to assume open source = free by paying attention to other less direct costs.
  2. Stand Out as a Data Engineer w/ Free Tools - Stand out more than just your resume by creating a simple portfolio site with free tools & no-code tech.

Other interesting finds:

  1. moderndatastack.xyz - Great website to get info on pretty much every “modern” data tool while also seeing data stacks other companies are using.
  2. Intro to Azure Synapse as a Data Lakehouse (Guy in a Cube) - Nice introduction to Azure Synapse and how it’s not just a database but rather a collection of tools to also build pipelines & load data.



Looking for more? Here are 3 other ways I can help you:

  1. The Playbook for dbt™  - Learn exactly how to use dbt™ in a modern data workflow with best practices so you can confidently build & automate any project from scratch.
  2. Consulting - Hire me as a hands-on consultant to help complete your next data project.
  3. Sponsorship - Promote your product or brand to 5,000+ email subscribers and/or 17k+ YouTube subscribers.


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