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A project-based course built from real-world experience.

Learn to build, automate & scale dbt™ with confidence.  

Don't just learn how to setup dbt™. Understand common strategies teams follow, avoid costly rookie mistakes & get actionable tips from on-the-job experience, not a textbook.

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Unlock Your dbt™ Skills with The Playbook for dbt™

This isn't just another course showing you how to use dbt™.

You'll uncover tips, tricks & lessons based on my real-life implementations of dbt™ as a consultant.

I've led 8 projects at companies ranging from Fortune 100s to greenfield e-comm sites and taught ~3M on YouTube.

Walk away feeling ready to work on any dbt™ project & have a ton of extra resources to back you up.



Hands-on, Practical & Based on Real-World Experience.

  • Structured Learning: From core concepts to advanced integrations like GitHub actions and orchestration, this course is designed to help you navigate the many complexities of dbt™.

  • Practical Resources: Gain access to 15 invaluable templates, guides, and checklists – assets that transition seamlessly from learning to real-world application.

  • Jump Right In: Time's precious and nobody likes troubleshooting a local setup. That's why each student gets their own pre-configured virtual machine and Snowflake database to ensure you focus on what's important: mastering dbt™.

  • Top-Quality Without the High Price: Get the insights and depth of $500+ cohorts and $1,000+ live trainings without the steep cost. Good learning shouldn’t break the bank.

  • Project-based Learning: This course is about doing. You'll master dbt™ by hands-on building an end-to-end project, step by step, cementing your expertise.

And if for any reason the course doesn't meet your expectations, there's a 100% refund guarantee

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Feedback from clients on real implementations

Follow a Clear, 5-Step Approach

Here's what you can expect in the course w/ previews of actual lessons.

Step 1: Set the Foundations

What is dbt™?

  • Re-program how you think about data teams and data workflows
  • Learn the dbt™ viewpoint and how to follow it
  • Understand the differences between dbt and legacy tools
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Step 2: Build a Project

How do you use dbt™?

  • Install and setup the open-source version of dbt™ (dbt Core™)
  • Learn the steps for building scalable projects based on best practices, every time
  • Understand the key components, settings and features of dbt™ and how to best use them
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Step 3: Automate w/ GitHub & Prefect

How to scale & optimize dbt™?

  • Understand the importance of Version Control & CI/CD
  • Automate your development process with code review templates and trigger-based workflows
  • Run in production using Prefect (task orchestration tool)
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Step 4: Migrate to dbt Cloud™

How to use dbt Cloud™?

  • Understand the use cases and layout of dbt Cloud™
  • Reduce complexity by taking advantage of pre-built functionality
  • Feel confident using either dbt Cloud™ or dbt Core™
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Step 5: Use advanced functionality

What else can you do?

  • Learn complex features like hooks, snapshots & freshness
  • Write more dynamic code with advanced Jinja functions
  • Create incremental models, python models and more!
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Bonuses: Templates & Guides

How will you remember everything?

  • Build any project from scratch with a step-by-step checklist
  • Describe and review code changes faster with PR templates
  • Quickly add automation with pre-built GitHub workflow files
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As a student you'll also get your own hosted virtual machine and Snowflake database for 6 months at no extra cost.

Both are configured specifically for the course. 

This allows you stay focused on learning dbt, not troubleshooting local errors.

For more details, check out the FAQ section.

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The Playbook for dbt™


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  • 15 downloadable templates, guides & checklists
  • 6 months complimentary access to hosted VM
  • 6 months complimentary access to Snowflake database
  • A deep understanding of how to build, automate & scale dbt with best practices
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Michael Kahan

About the instructor

Like many others, I started my data career using drag-and-drop tools and traditional databases.

Then I joined a team using dbt, Snowflake and GitHub and felt overwhelmed with how to actually use it. It was all so different.

Fast-forward to today and I now help Fortune 100 companies to greenfield startups implement dbt with modern workflows and cloud databases. 

I'm a dbt Certified Developer (Nov. 2022) and have taught ~3 million aspiring engineers through my YouTube Channel (@KahanDataSolutions).

But this took years of practice, trial and error and learning on the job.

This course not only teaches you step-by-step how to use dbt, but shares tips, tricks and lessons based on my real-life experience as a data consultant.

You'll fast-track your learning, avoid common mistakes, and feel confident contributing to any project.

I hope to see you in the course!

Some nice comments from the Youtube Community

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