The Modern Engineer Playbook

A project-based course on how to design, build & maintain end-to-end data pipelines using modern tools.


The Modern Engineer Playbook

Accelerate your data career by learning to design, build & scale modern pipelines from scratch.

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50+ Students              6 Modules              87 Lessons              20+ Resources & Guides              30-Day Guarantee

50+ Students        6 Modules        87 Lessons        20+ Resources        30-Day Guarantee

What's Included?

  • Premium, project-based training showing you exactly how to design, build & maintain end-to-end data pipelines
  • Tips¬†&¬†recommended¬†strategies based real-world experiences, not a textbook
  • Hands-on experience with common "modern" tools through your own Playground Stack (data sources included)
  • 20+ downloadable resources including checklists, templates & pre-made files¬†to fast-track your own implementations
  • Ongoing support to help answer questions, provide more clarity¬†& share feedback


After taking this course, you will:

  • Know¬†how¬†to¬†design¬†a simple, yet modern end-to-end pipeline
  • Have hands-on experience¬†setting up¬†common data¬†tools
  • Be able to confidently¬†build¬†a¬†data architecture¬†from scratch¬†with best practices
  • Know how¬†to¬†automate¬†your data¬†development workflow
  • Be able to¬†migrate¬†from a¬†self-hosted stack to a "Production-Ready" Cloud setup

With more clarity & hands-on experience you can:

  • ūüßź Contribute at a higher level
  • ūüíį Increase your earning potential
  • ūü§Ě Feel confident joining any data team

Advance your data career without needing to learn every tool, work at a big tech company or pay $1,000+ for vendor trainings.

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Get Lifetime Access for $497