The Starter Guide for dbt™

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confidently with dbt™


What's included:

  • The Starter Guide PDF to get clarity on the dbt viewpoint, learn why teams love it & see a project checklist.
  • 5 Lessons on dbt™ to help you feel less unsure & more confident working with dbt.

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Here’s what we’re going to cover in The 5 Lessons:


Lesson 1: Legacy vs Modern Data Stacks

It's easy to feel like dbt & the modern stack appeared overnight and suddenly you’re behind. You’ll learn how to keep things in perspective by understanding how we got here in the first place & how dbt fits in.

Lesson 2: How to Design for Efficiency

Once you get your hands on a dbt project, it can feel like there are infinite ways to go. You’ll learn 3 tips for turning your project into an efficient data-model-building machine that requires less work as you go along.

Lesson 3: Master the Art of Automation

Data teams today operate like software engineering teams and treat data more like a product than ever before. You’ll learn how dbt truly shines when the automation concept of CI/CD is implemented in the workflow.

Lesson 4: 5 Subtle, but Costly Mistakes

A fun part about dbt is how quickly you can get started. But moving too fast causes subtle bad habits or, worse, compounding mistakes. You’ll learn to be the one identifying & correcting these mistakes. Not causing them.

Lesson 5: Seek Clarity, Not Complexity

Analytics engineering is hard. But the most exceptional engineers aren't always the ones with the most complex solutions. You’ll learn how having clarity can instead be what separates you from the pack in an environment full of new features and approaches.

And here’s what's covered in The PDF:

What is dbt™?

Understand where this tool came from, the problems it solves & why teams love it.

5 Best Practices

Learn ways to simplify your project rather than having it end up a mess. 

10 Part Checklist

Review a list of tasks & settings that will set your new project up for success.