The Starter Guide for dbt™

Start building dbt projects.

The right way. 


A free 5 minute PDF to help you better understand dbt and build your first project(s).

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Why is it so popular?

Learn why dbt is built for the modern stack and how how it actually works.

10-Part Checklist

Follow a clear "to-do" list to set the right foundations for your project.

5 Best Practices

Learn proper techniques and avoid common mistakes to make the most out of dbt.

About me

I've led dbt implementations at companies ranging from Fortune 100 to as small as greenfield startups. Today, I run my own analytics consulting company and work full-time on dbt projects as a solution architect.

I've also taught dbt to hundreds of thousands of people through my YouTube channel.

Like many others, I'm originally a self taught developer and come from a traditional on-premise/ETL data background.

This Guide is a consolidated list of some of the most important topics I wish I understood better when first getting started with dbt. 

I hope it helps you on your journey learning about this game-changing tool.