#058: Data Architecture 101: Lambda Strategy (Stream + Batch)

Jan 03, 2024

A huge decision for any data team is how often to refresh data.


While the most common approach is simply batch loading (hourly, daily, etc.).

Sometimes that's just not fast enough.

Sometimes there's data you'd rather get access to in near-real time.

But how can you make that happen?


There are a handful of ways to go about it, but in this video I want to break down one approach known as The Lambda Strategy.

When done right, it can unlock both batch & streaming capabilities for your architecture.


So in this week's video, you'll learn more about this strategy & whether or not it makes sense for your team.

What will you learn? 

  • The Lambda approach
  • Sneaky downsides to consider before implementing
  • Example tools to implement this approach



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