#060: Modern Data Workflows - Explained

Mar 06, 2024

Modern data engineering isn't all about tools & technologies.

One area that's often overlooked is the concept of a team development workflow.

This includes everything from environments, naming conventions, automation and more.

Yet even in 2023, many teams still save straight to Production.


I'll admit - those are some fun times and it can feel like you can execute incredibly fast.

But it comes at the cost of quality and unnecessary errors.

It's not a secret - you shouldn't be doing that.


Nowadays, you can move fast while still having a more formal process with automation that saves you time (and catches your errors).

So in today's video you'll learn more about this process and how to potentially implement it on your own team.


What will you learn? 

  • Why having a structured development workflow is important
  • High level process of common team workflows
  • An example implantation with dbt & Snowflake



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